We offer energy healing sessions in Santa Cruz or over the phone, and certification classes in ThetaHealing® and Reiki.

Many of our clients are changemakers, educators, healers, artists, spiritual seekers, and people who wish to contribute to making a better world. Everyone is welcome.

Here is what people are saying:

“The tremendous growth Nikira and Marissa have helped initiate in my life has been a true blessing. I feel strongly that Marissa and Nikira truly have a special gift. They have both helped me not only learn more about myself but to live a more confident and purposeful life.”
– Jacqueline P.

“I can truly say that since that very first session, I have seen permanent shifts and changes in my life and I came to them with a diagnosis of breast cancer and a whole bunch of fear, grief and anger. I have not felt that deep fear since that session… I leave feeling light and joyous and connected and clear and I am so happy I found them.”
– Trina S.

“When some particularly unpleasant past memories arose for me, I felt held in a safe space that was completely nonjudgmental and brimming with love. …I hope that many people are healed and transformed by this pair of women and their powerful shared presence and gift of deep listening.”
– Lauraina L.

“Nikira and Marissa each bring such love, dedication, and aptitude for healing to their practice. They bring a combined presence and careful attention to their work, and have a lot of patience in answering any questions one may have about their specific working modalities…”
– Max C.