Access Consciousness Bars®

Are you ready to create your life with more ease, joy, and glory?

Learn a simple and effective technique to empower change.

Upcoming class dates:
None currently scheduled – please inquire if interested. 
Class runs from 10am- 6pm.

A sampling of the 32 points that are run during a Bars session.

A sampling of the 32 points that are run during a Bars session.

Access Bars can help you be the change you wish to see in the world.

When you have your Bars run, more space opens up for you to become conscious of your choices and create something different.

Along with learning how to run the Bars by lightly touching these points, the Bars class includes a number of useful tools to create change in your life. Are you aware of picking up energy from other people? Learn how to clear your energy with ease. Is there something in your life that feels stuck? Learn dynamic questions designed to empower you to gain more awareness.

Every Bars class includes: 

  • Coaching by a Licensed Access Bars Facilitator
  • Viewing “Access The Bars” DVD where founder Gary Douglas personally demonstrates the technique
  • Receiving two full Bars sessions
  • Running two full Bars sessions
  • Certification to become an Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner
  • Comprehensive manual, in-depth head charts, and other information to assist you in running Access Bars as a practitioner

To sign up for a class, please make a $50 deposit through Paypal to

Access Consciousness® Class Pricing:
$300 for your first Bars Class
$150 if you have taken a previous Bars Class within a year
$150 for youth ages 16-18
FREE for kids 15 and under, when attending with a paying adult

Testimonial from Bars Students:

“I appreciate Marissa’s kind and sweet spirit. She creates an environment where open communication is possible. This day has provided many light bulb moments.”
– Paula Gardner, Financial Planner

“Marissa is gentle and genuine, and thorough with the delivery of the content. I would recommend this class!”
– Angelique Larson, LMT and Energy Therapist