Buy Nothing Day: A Black Friday Alternative

Light Hands Healing is offering a Buy Nothing Free Clinic on Friday, November 28, where we will work with you to come into better balance and alignment with your family, history, and consumption. To schedule a free 30 minute clinic session call Marissa at (831) 435-0973 or email



Why is a local small business participating in Buy Nothing Day? 

Of course, we rely on our clients investing in their health by purchasing our services. At the same
time, our mission is to create a more just and sustainable world. Buy Nothing Day calls attention to rampant overconsumption, which has devastating impacts on the earth. The environmental consequences of overconsumption are not distributed equally: those in marginalized communities bear the brunt of it. We believe that raising awareness during Buy Nothing Day is more important than turning a profit for one day, and that’s why we’re hosting a day of free sessions.

Why this overconsumption the day after Thanksgiving?

The cultural mythology of Thanksgiving is one of gratitude for the peaceful sharing of the harvest between Pilgrims and Indians. As more awareness comes to the history of conflict between colonizers and indigenous peoples in the United States, this mythology is standing on shakier ground. It is difficult to profess gratitude while reaping the fruits of genocide. Rather than face the pain of this reality head on, the majority of the United States has turned to its favorite self medication: Retail Therapy.

Retailers have responded. On the day after Thanksgiving, many businesses offer special “Black Friday” sales, giving consumers special incentive to buy things. At Light Hands Healing, we will be pausing all sales, including our holiday gift certificates and healing packages.

How can you participate? 

Buy nothing on Friday, November 28. Use your consumer power to make a statement about overconsumption. Instead of shopping, take a walk in nature. Spend time with the people you love. Reflect on gratitude. Book a session with the Light Hands Healing Buy Nothing Free Clinic. Pass this along to your family and friends!