Healing Justice

Earlier this month found us offering our services free to low-income women of color at the Women’s Healing Clinic in Oakland. We joined over 20 women practitioners of traditional and non-western healing modalities in empowering hundreds of women of color to heal during the two day event. One of the organizers, Carla Perez of Movement Generation, shares these reflections: Limpia

“One of the mama’s that does around the clock unpaid organizing in deep East Oakland could not stop repeating to me that she was about to quit all her organizing work and just give up on feeling hope and feeling any better about the world, said that after receiving a massage and a smudge she felt like a whole different person, that she could go on – AND she wants to help me organize a small scale similar clinic in her neighborhood!

Most of us in the movement know…or feel… that personal healing from systemic and individual trauma is actually a critical component for the uplifting of the masses and a strong movement for fundamental social change. Yet, it is too rarely an explicit and intentional body of work that we create and dedicate time and resources to.”

Renewal was in the air. Spirits were uplifted. We had women women to our table in heartbroken tears, women who were ready to heal trauma of past relationships, women who were ready to step into their power more fully. They were activists, artists, healers, students, mothers and small business owners. Many of them came to our table without a clear idea of what would happen, but they were open and ready to heal. It was beautiful and so good to be part of.

People who belong to oppressed or marginalized groups (such as people of color, LGBTQ people, disabled people, people of low income, and women) often experience daily oppression that slowly wears them down. Stress can manifest in all kinds of physical and emotional responses, ranging from depression to cancer.

As the practitioners of Light Hands Healing, we believe that healing should be accessible to everyone, and are committed to healing economic injustice. We reserve several sliding scale slots each month and hold a “no one turned away for lack of funds” policy. Please keep this in mind should you or someone you know desire a session with us but feel financially strapped– we welcome you with whatever you are able to offer.

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