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Ancestral Healing

This article provides a scientific explanation for "transgenerational epigenetic inheritance"

This article provides a scientific explanation for “transgenerational epigenetic inheritance”

Did you know that it’s possible to heal on a genetic level? I am continually fascinated to discover the myriad ways we are affected by the past– often from before we were born. Your tendency towards anxiety, headaches, insomnia, depression, addiction, or whatever ails you may be connected to beliefs of your ancestors.

The intricate ways we are affected by our ancestors connects our lives with processes that span generations. A client with frequent headaches was relieved to hear that Nikira saw that he was carrying a family curse in his head dating back 21 generations. The high anxiety and low self-worth he had experienced much of his life did not belong to him- and could be cleared! Once this energy had a name and a story, it became that much easier to transform. He perceived this healing as especially accurate because a close relative had recently dreamed that he was carrying a family curse.

It is possible to heal yourself of genetic dis-ease, and this healing can reverberate to the dead and unborn of your lineage. In working with a client who has been doing everything she can to resist being crazy like her grandmother, we discovered that she held beliefs originating from her grandmother’s traumatic incarceration during WWII. Our client inherited the belief from her grandmother, “If I am crazy I will be free.” One of the jobs of a ThetaHealing practitioner is to learn how a belief is serving a person. She was holding on to the feeling of craziness because her subconscious mind believed that was the only way to be free. In order to release the feeling of being crazy, we asked the Creator to download the client with the Creator’s understanding, definition, and perspective of being free. Once she knew this, she was able to know what it feels like to be free without being crazy—which allowed for greater clarity, ease and joy in all aspects of her life.

We are all impacted by histories of colonization, oppression, and genocide. It is very likely we have inherited programs or belief patterns that no longer serve us from past trauma our families experienced. Deep healing can come from connecting the events of the past to our current distress. Even if we do not know the specific stories, the realization that we inherit some of our beliefs and patterns can allow us to become more forgiving of ourselves and others, knowing that we are part of an intricate web of histories.

In addition to working with your ancestors during a Light Hands Healing session, you can always call upon them yourself. You might connect with them through with prayer, meditation, dreams, songs, or offerings. Here are a few simple steps we recommend for contacting those who have passed:

candle1. Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be interrupted.You may wish to light a candle, burn sweetgrass, or other ritual acts to bring yourself into deeper presence with the sacred.
2. Ask for protection from the Creator, your guides, or whomever you feel comfortable calling upon.
3. Invite your ancestors to join you in this time. To help you focus, try concentrating on an image that represents the person(s) you would like to communicate with.
4. Ask for guidance. Perhaps you have a question you would like to ask your ancestors, or simply wish be open to what they have to tell you. They may have insight into challenges you are experiencing, or sweet messages of encouragement to offer. What do your ancestors have to tell you?
5. Thank them and complete the meditation. Ask that your energy be cleared.