Transgender Awareness Day

Transgender Awareness Week may be on the behalf of trans people, but it’s geared towards those of us who have the potential to be allies. It’s a time to release beliefs and programs about gender that keep us from fully loving ourselves and all of our human community.

It is an opportunity for those of us who do not identify as transgender to come out of our closets as allies to trans folks. This is a week to take action on behalf of the trans people we know and love, and have yet to meet. At Light Hands Healing our mission is to support our clients to create a more just and sustainable world. If you would like to increase your capacity to support trans people and make positive change, we would be happy to help.

During Transgender Awareness Week your work on your own personal issues related to gender can have an immediate, tangible impact for transgender people. Light Hands Healing is taking action by donating 25% of our proceeds during Transgender Awareness week to Transgender Law Center, whose work to change law, policy, and attitudes provides invaluable support to transgender people in the Bay Area.

Book a session with Light Hands Healing now to support Transgender Law Center.

Another way you can be a better ally to transgender people is to educate yourself! We recommend GLAAD’s Tips for Allies of Trans People and Gender Spectrum’s Understanding Gender. Throughout Transgender Awareness Week we will be posting additional educational resources and videos on our Facebook page, so be sure to connect with us online.

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